print(“Hello, blog!”)

Cadence by Mike Savad

Hi, I’m Nick Tallant,


I used to spend all of my time hitting stuff . Now I’m working towards becoming a policy researcher / civic technologist / data guru at the University of Chicago – pursuing a MS in Computational Analysis & Public Policy. Before I get into that, I’m sure you might be asking:

Why do you have a blog?

I am very fortunate to be participating in the ChiPy Mentorship program! Over the coming weeks I will be building something fun in the Python programming language, with the help of a mentor and a great community.

So what’s the project?

I will create a Python module for intuitive rhythm creation – essentially a drum machine with a ui designed for musicians. What do I mean by intuitive? Stay tuned dear reader.

Why this and not some data analysis?

That’s a fair question (and one I needed to answer for myself). My motivations for this project are:

  • My current studies are data-centric, and I want to complement that learning with some deeper computer-science / software engineering concepts
  • I want the learning curve to be entirely in coding. Having music based content behind the code accomplishes this!
  • It’s ok to code for fun.


syncopation (noun) – a shifting of the normal accent, usually by stressing the normally unaccented beats.

python (noun) – pseudo-code with .py on the file name (literally magic)

What I expect from this project:

  • A working drum machine like python object that plays rhythm from text input
  • A deeper understanding of object oriented programming & design patterns
  • A deeper understanding of MIDI and other audio fun
  • I will be really really good at reading documentation and pushing with git
  • I’m going to be brave and try to use vim for this entire project

What you can expect from this project:

  • Really bad code / music puns – primarily in post titles
  • Some musings on how coding and drumming are similar
  • Consistent progress updates and postings (code too!)

If you made it this far – thanks for reading!



One thought on “print(“Hello, blog!”)

  1. I am going to admit that most of this(oh heck, all of it) went over my head! But I still enjoyed reading it and am so happy that you have grown into what appears to be an amazing young man.


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